The Players

Our actors are members of the critically acclaimed Port Tobacco Players of LaPlata, MD.

Each year, the theater company offers an ambitious season of dramas, musicals and comedies from its 200 seat theater in downtown LaPlata, Maryland. PTP has been recognized for outstanding theatrical achievements by the British Embassy's Ruby Griffith Award, W.A.T.C.H. (the Washington Area Theater Community Honors,) and the Maryland One Act Festival.

The Cast & Production Staff

Dame Edith Pugh

Ann Chess, Pereuna Johnson, and
Lynne Bouchard

J. K. Chittering
  Jim Stewart, Mark Kremnitzer, and
Joe Bowes
Colleen Cibber
  Lynne Bouchard
Janice Crongeyer
Detective Deadly
  Cindy Lantz and Timothy Treanor
Uta Thwicket
  Susan Earle and Elzora Trimmer
Charles Scamp Shamp
  Mike Mildenstein, Jim Kleyle, and
Randy Geck
Oberon Dome
  Wes Emerson and
Mark Kremnitzer
Sound Artist
  Joe Bowes and Julianna Bogdan
Inga/Igor (Forensics)
  Mandy Pickeral and
Steve Charnock

Lorraine Treanor
  Randy Geck
Sound Engineer
  Ralph Crongeyer
  Pat Brennan

The Cast Checks In

Scamp assaults Chittering while Dame Edith watches in horror. Is it only acting?

Everyone has a secret. Everyone has a motive.


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